Rowan Tree Stobb
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Rowan Tree Stobb

Rowan Tree StobbRowan Tree StobbRowan Tree StobbRowan Tree StobbRowan Tree Stobb

This project was completed at the end of the summer 2009. This bastle is high up in the hills of the East Allen Valley near Allendale. It is a rare example of our local history and is believed to date back to the 16th century. Natural England appointed Heritage Consolidation to halt the decay of this very important building. With sensitive restoration we removed all vegetation, and debris.

We removed the 17th century chimney stack stone by stone and rebuilt it to retain its distinctive lean which adds to its character. With conservation in mind we also incorporated bat ledges hoping that it will be a safe haven for local wildlife to roost and hibernate. Whilst restoring this bastle we discovered an 18th century brick oven which we restored and is now an interesting feature.

Whilst working with Natural England on this project we removed timbers in the building which are being dated to confirm the buildings age. We worked along side the Archaeologists who were delighted to record and inspect the internal areas which had been inaccessible for years.

Rowan Tree Stobb is now a piece of history that can now be accessed and enjoyed by all.